Macrobiotics for All Seasons

macrobiotics for all seasons

About This Book

Macrobiotics for All Seasons offers a dietary approach based on listening to the natural rhythms of our bodies and the planet we live on. Combining traditional wisdom, nutritional science, and a vision for healing our environment, author Marlene Watson-Tara explains the health benefits of eating a plant-based vegan diet that changes with the seasons.

Marlene takes readers through the philosophy of the five elements in traditional Chinese medicine and applies this ancient wisdom in specific recipes for each season of the year. Since the seasons are considered to affect particular organs of the body, each chapter also includes home remedies, tonics, and simple medicinal teas to help the affected organs gently strengthen and detoxify.

Featuring 200 unique recipes that vary from quick meals for busy people to elegant dinners for guests, Macrobiotics for All Seasons is a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to bring health, healing, and environmental sensibility back into the kitchen.

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1. Not Another Diet Book!
2. Healthy Habits
3. The Modern Diet
4. Healthy Food
5. Life Energy
6. Blooming in Spring
7. Fit as a Fiddle for Summer
8. Flourishing in Late Summer
9. Fighting Fit for Autumn
10. Hale and Hearty in Winter
11. Making Change--Quick and Easy
A-Z of Macrobiotic Superfoods
Index of Recipes
General Index

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"This book is fabulous. Marlene Watson-Tara is not only a gifted chef, but she is a thoroughly engaging writer. The recipes, which are all vegan, are described with crystal clarity and the results are absolutely delicious. A wonderful achievement." Gary L. Francione

"I have two things to say: First... WOW Second..... this wonderful book is going to be a life changer for me. I'm 77 yrs old, feel fine, no health problems, but I felt led to check out Macrobiotics, I had a smattering of knowledge. This book presents EVERYTHING a person should ever need ..... including marvelous descriptions and subtle words of encouragement. Anyone.... everyone .... purchase this book and then stick with it. That's MY plan!!!" George B.

"This cookbook is the most beautiful and inspiring one ever. Marlene shines through on every page with her enthusiasm, grace and just plain fun. You'll see Macrobiotics as not just a healing diet to help you feel better but a wonderful way to feed family and friends that is alive and exuberant and on top of the world fun. Yes, exciting and beautiful and fun pop out in the beautiful photographs and the recipes remind you of being alive and makes you want to get in the kitchen and create something not only balanced and healthy but attractive and sensuous to share. This cookbook is about sharing good food and creating strong beautiful energy." Barbara Lee

"Marlene Watson-Tara is a genius! Her food is incredible and healthy! Her food has helped me get healthy and happy! Her work in educating people about a better way of living is second to none! She cares about our health, she cares about the planet but most importantly, she cares about the non-human animals." M. Sikora

"Marlene has been my Macrobiotic Counsellor for many years advising me on many aspects of health to keep me in tip-top condition. Whilst she was living and teaching in Spain she trained my chef to cook the most healthy and delicious food. I lost the excess weight, my digestive system improved and my energy levels soared. I love her zest for life and joie de vie spirit. Her work is inspirational to all who meet her and I highly recommend a copy of Macrobiotics for all Seasons for every home." HRH Princess Beatriz von Hohenlohe

"Marlene Watson-Tara has the playfulness of a five year-old, the zest of a 25-year-old, and the wisdom of someone several centuries old. Her energy is infectious, inspiring, and graceful. She is an incredible role model for all of us, especially women. 'It's not how I look that matters, but how I feel,' is what she says, and what she teaches. Macrobiotics for all Seasons is my new go to cookbook." Lorna V, Freelance journalist (For Psychologies magazine and Sunday Times Style)

"After 3 days of being on Marlene’s course, loving the food and enjoying my peaceful detox cocoon, everything begins to sink in and I feel calmer and more energised than I have in a very long time. I’m determined to keep up with my new healthy way of life when I go home! To make life easier Marlene introduced me to her ‘starter packs’ with menus, recipes and basic macrobiotic ingredients to get me started. Her book Macrobiotics for all Seasons is a must have for everyone who cares about their health. The perfect end to a wonderful experience which will allow me to continue to move towards a more balanced diet!" Business Traveller Magazine – May 2011

"Through Marlene’s knowledge and passion for health, nutrition and life-philosophy, I was able to gather the tools which allowed me to steer in a new and positive direction, by giving me the underlying information to start a life long journey, for which I am very grateful. Her contribution lies not only in the teaching but in the inspiration to continue. Her book, Macrobiotics for all Seasons is my ‘daily’ tonic to cook and eat from." Count Enrico Marone Cinzano, Entrepreneur, New York

"Marlene is an outstanding teacher of oriental medicine. Through her guidance in bodywork, cooking lessons and presenting educational women’s programmes I have learned so much about health. My chef is cooking all her wonderful recipes from her book ‘Macrobiotics for all Seasons. The food is delicious as well as being healing and healthy." Princess Beatrice D’Orleans, Paris

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