Weight Loss Nature's Way

Weight Loss with MACROVegan is an innovative and healthy eating programme promoting long lasting permanent weight loss techniques. This programme is not about dieting but is focused on healthy eating to ensure weight loss, on-going health and wellness.

In the online tutorials, I will explain in great detail the importance of understanding how food works, and how to turn your ‘fat burning switch’ to the ‘on’ position using a nutrient rich plant-based diet.

So many of us are eating foods that are packed with excess salt, sugars and fats. This upsets the chemical balance in the body and turns our ‘fat-burning switch’ to ‘off’. Even foods that promote themselves as weight-loss can be harmful; heavily processed and designed by chemists. They starve the body of essential nutrients; any weight loss achieved is quickly gained back. Weight Loss with MACROVegan promotes healthy food that will balance the hormones in the body and turn the ‘fat burning switch’ firmly to the ‘on’ position.” The programme promotes a delicious, fulfilling and effective way to lose weight and not be hungry.

The Weight Loss with MACROVegan package includes:

  • 10 video cooking classes: I will demonstrate how to prepare food that balances hormones, and show how easy it is to cook delicious and filling weight loss meals without spending hours in the kitchen.
  • 10 weight loss tutorials: participants will receive an impressive 100 pages of educational material on weight loss and healthy living. Each tutorial contains important information on the use of effective home remedies that can be made at home and how to stay on track toward personal health goals.
  • 10 recipe sheets sections: Detailed sheets that accompany the video cooking classes and includes extra bonus recipes such as low-calorie naturally sweetened desserts.
  • 10 bonus tips: Weight loss is not all about food; the bonus health tips include simple things you can do to improve your sleep, stimulate circulation, cleanse the lymphatic system, accelerate your weight loss and improve general wellbeing. Includes additional video guidance, such as exercises to help strengthen and tone the body.
  • A ten-minute exercise video programme. You can use this simple exercise programme daily to accelerate your results and get fit faster.

Weight Loss with MACROVegan is an incredible programme that will transform your life.


Hi my name is Caro. I’m 55 years old

Over the past five years Arthritis had pretty much taken over and stolen my life. Last December I had really reached rock bottom. . It had reduced my mobility to the point that I couldn’t run, practice my yoga or even properly walk my dogs anymore. I was taking painkillers constantly to move around and self medicating with alcohol. Subsequently I had put on a lot of weight, and I was totally miserable. I had been doing some research on the link between diet and inflammatory disease and then I contacted Marlene! I started her online course in January 2017 and Marlene specifically tailored a prescriptive diet especially for me. I’m not going to lie. The first week or so was tough but not nearly as difficult as I imagined it would be because I had a clear program to follow and Marlene’s constant support, guidance, and encouragement. She was so patient! She answered all my questions and explained the science behind the changes that were taking place in my system through the diet. As my body detoxified the inflammation in my system reduced and after one month I began to notice my pain lessen dramatically and my mobility began to increase. Following the diet plan was not only simple but amazingly it turned out to be a pleasure. Not only is the food delicious Marlene’s recipes are easy to follow and simple to prepare. I was stunned at how much I could eat and I can honestly say I never feel hungry.

So here I am on the 1st May, 5 months later. 35lbs lighter, Running 6k every day (except Sundays!) Practicing my yoga daily and best of all able to walk and play with my dogs. What started as a diet has become a way of life and I enjoy every minute of it. I feel better, I look better and I have my life back and for that I will be eternally grateful to Marlene for.


General Information

Learning to make delicious, healthy food and weight-loss teas and soups in your own kitchen make Weight Loss with MACROVegan unique.

You can purchase this course here https://www.macroveganshop.org/products/natures-way