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Dispelling the Myths surrounding Diabetes with

Bill Tara & Marlene Watson-Tara

For the last forty years, we have been working with clients in America and Europe with a wide variety of health issues. We have been inspired by what we have seen. We are 100% confident in our belief that people with chronic health problems can be helped by simple self-generated life skills.

There is nothing complex about our approach. Our method is based on simple changes in health habits that have profound effects. Diabetes is one example of how a preventable problem can be brought back under control.

Myth 1: There is Nothing You Can Do About Diabetes except take medication.

Like many degenerative diseases, diabetes is primarily caused by health habits. In the case of Diabetes the two principle causes are poor diet and lack of exercise. By adjusting diet and putting together an exercise programme type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

Myth 2: Sugar is the primary issue in Diabetes

Sugar is often labelled as the cause of diabetes but other dietary factors are important. The extremes of sugar, animal fats and protein in the diet are all factors that contribute to the disease. When these factors are excluded we constantly see dramatic improvements in health.

Myth 3: All diabetes is irreversible

It is our experience that the severity of both Type One and Type Two diabetes can be reversed in many cases. If a proper dietary programme is followed and an exercise routine established, it is not rare to see insulin requirements lowered. In some cases there may be no need for insulin after a period of time to allow the body to adjust.

Myth 4: If you have Diabetes you will always need to have a strict diet.

A healthy delicious and varied diet works wonders for the diabetic.  Simple desserts made with more complex sugars from grain and fruit sources, and increased consumption of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes help to improve health, control symptoms and often reverse organ damage.

Myth 5: Management of Diabetes is all about regulating food

Aside from regulation of diet and exercise it is always important to promote a positive mental attitude when improving health. The human body is a miracle; it is a self-repairing system that has incredible powers for regeneration if we help it. Creating health is an act of self-respect and the emotional rewards have a direct effect on our biology.

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