Freedom from Cravings

Freedom from Cravings

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One of the reasons I created my online course Weight Loss Nature’s Way was to introduce people to a simple, inexpensive and effective way to achieve healthy weight loss. I wanted to demonstrate how a healthy diet was delicious and sustainable and how you could lose weight, not be hungry, gain vitality and stay that way.

As clients began to use the programme one of the first things they mentioned was how surprised they were that the cravings they experienced in the past didn’t seem to be such a problem. Well, there are good reasons for that and while I will not guarantee you will never crave a bar of chocolate again (or even have one) it is important that we understand the psychology and the biology of cravings and how to diminish their hold over what we eat. 

That inspired me to write this ebook FREEDOM FROM CRAVINGS.



Wouldn’t it be nice if logic and common sense ruled our food choices? We could simply do the research, think things through and get on with eating healthy food and enjoy every minute of it.  We would eat the foods that help us lose weight, never be hungry and stay healthy with no looking back. After all, what’s stopping us?  We all know the answer to that question - habits and cravings.


I see so many men and women lose faith in their ability to change their eating habits because they feel helpless when cravings set in. The lure of that sugary dessert calls out to them from across the room and they can’t resist, or they emerge from a mental fog and realize they just ate a thousand calories of pizza. The result of these setbacks is that there is a loss of confidence, a sense of futility and often-diminished self-worth – that sinking feeling that we are simply not up to the task. This can lead many to give up and simply tuck into another bar of chocolate or have another fizzy drink.


The simple issue of cravings is the most common reason that people fail to keep to dietary changes. Well, we don’t need to throw our hands in the air and give up. There are simple and practical strategies that can help us diminish and even cancel those pesky and destructive desires, but it is important that we understand where these urges come from. They didn’t simply fall from the sky. After all, knowledge is power.


Please enjoy and share my free e book with friends, family and colleagues. Sharing is Caring.

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