Health Coaching Principles & Practice

Health Coaching Principles & Practice

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This module is for those students who have completed all other sections of the course. The tutorials and video for the health coaching principles and practice will be sent to you upon completion of these previous four modules.

We want to share with you our decades of experience working with clients and our insights into the most effective ways to communicate good health, principles and skills to those you will be coaching.

Health Assessment

  • Health Assessment and Oriental Diagnosis
  • The uses and limitations of visual diagnosis
  • Understanding the Art of Seeing (Bo-Shin)
  • Qualities of Excess in Skin Colour and Complexion
  • Practical Uses of The Face Map
  • Expression and Body Language
  • Posture and Body Armouring
  • Using tongue Diagnosis

Principles and Practice of Health Coaching

  • Orientation to Coaching
  • The Principles of Intentional Listening
  • Bridge Building and Motivation in Healing
  • Rules of The Game, Basic Technique and Inspiration
  • An Ethical Approach to Health Coaching
  • Leading Support Groups and Healing Circles
  • Strategies for Healing Common Health Problems
  • How to Make Safe Adjustments in Diet And Lifestyle
  • Establishing A Health-Related Business



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