The Microbiome Makeover Course

The Microbiome Makeover Course

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Give Your Microbiome A Makeover

Among the many courses and workshops, I have taken over the years, Marlene’s teaching on the gut as our second brain is simply fantastic. On top of that, the food is delicious, and her classes are always great fun.

Elaine Young 

Your Gut: A Delicate Garden

Your gut is a very delicate ecosystem, with more flora (healthy bacteria) in it than all the other cells in the body put together. When this ecosystem is healthy, your digestive tract has the proper balance of stomach acids and micro-organisms. This allows your body to breakdown food for nourishment and cell repair. Without the ability to absorb nutrition from your food and eliminate waste, you may experience all kinds of health issues that, on the surface, don’t seem to be related to digestion. These include headaches, mood issues, weight gain, menstrual cramps, fatigue, back pain, frequent colds, estrogen dominance, and more. If your digestive health is poor, everything suffers. 

We are facing an epidemic of hormonal imbalance and auto-immune diseases. Diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOD, early puberty, menstrual and menopausal problems, infertility, breast cancer, prostate cancer, Vitamin D deficiency are just a few common ones. These problems were relatively rare just 50 years ago! What has changed?

The world is drinking out of a poisoned well so to speak… medicine is managing all these non-communicable diseases with drugs. This approach is leading humans to early deaths. The obesity epidemic that is growing like an out of control virus around the world sees one third of the world’s population obese. It’s not about genes… genes may load the gun but it’s diet and lifestyle that pull the trigger… it would take between three and four hundred years to change the genes of society! We must address and stop these non-communicable diseases by focusing on our environment.

  • The Home of The Major Microorganisms
  • Farming & Fermenting
  • The Brain and Gut Connection for Mental & Emotional Health
  • The Enteric Nervous System Does More Than Process Food
  • Plants Not Pills
  • How to Use Food to Optimise Gut Flora
  • Make Fermented Pickles
  • Many Ways to Use Miso – The World’s Most Medicinal Food
  • Happy Bugs – Happy Me

May 20 th 11am to 4pm

Clearspring UK
19a Acton Park Estate
London, W3 7QE

Cost £150 (Includes Lunch, Tasters, Teas, Recipes, Snacks & Clearspring Goodie Bag)